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I know this is going to sound stupid.
Has anyone here ever heard of body filler dust possibly being the cause a spun cam bearing?
My stepdad's 3 year resto project just came home 2 weeks ago.
long to the short, the engine was buried in a mountain of body filler dust from the cowl and firewall repairs done. I didn't see originally first hand, however.
The guy at the shop did an excellent job on the truck, but minor stupid things were not done.
One case in point. He had the truck almost 3 years in his shop...front clip off, most of the time, and we know the engine was in and out a couple times. There was no air cleaner on the engine, as it somehow got lost, and nothing put on the carb in it's place.
Oil got changed before he started to drive it, and it was nasty looking.
last week, he took the truck to a car show, and late that night, about 2 blocks away, the oil pressure dropped, lifters started going nuts.
Nothing radical on this 460, stock, solid runner, low miles. carb, intake, that's it.
He says spun cam bearing, I am like from what? the body filler dust??
We changed the oil. I ran a heavy duty magnet through it, nothing.
Nothing but alot of clumps of crap in the oil. Cut the filter, it was all clogged to hell.
Just beside myself, we changed the oil out when we first got it back, and more of this pukes out of the pan.

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Sounds like the body shop owes you an engine. eep some of the oil. If they won't do it, have the oil analysised and take them to court.
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