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Here's the second of the two recents I built that got dyno'd last couple of months. This one destined for a 4 speed AT 64 Gal, all planned for high speed highway driving. Was a long day, but what an easy dyno...turn the key 594 ft lbs of torque :)

We are going to copy this one for a 68 Mustang drop top, but add a 6 speed Tremec and a 8 stack Borla EFI, I will report back for that one!

Performance Summary:
Cubic Inches: 461 Dyno brand: Stuska
Power Adder: Where dynoed: Dale Meers Racing Engines
Peak Horsepower: 558 HP @ 5750 RPM Peak Torque: 594 @ 4000 RPM

Engine Specifications:
Block brand, material, finished bore size, other notes: Ford CX-scratch CJ 428, 4.155 bore, squared, deck plate honed, 10.155 deck

Crankshaft brand, cast or forged, stroke, journal size: SCAT cast 4.25 stroke

Connecting Rods brand, material, center to center distance, end sizes, bolts: SCAT I-beam, 6.70"

Piston brand, material 4032 forged Autotec, 17.5cc full dish w/ symmetrical valve reliefs, SCR 10.55:1, .005 above deck, .046 quench

Main Bearings, Rod Bearings, Cam Bearings brand and size: TRW mains, Clevite rod bearings, Durabond cam bearings

Piston rings brand, size, other notes: Mahle, standard tension 1.5mm/1.5mm/3.0 mm

Oil Pump, pickup, and drive: Melling M57HV, Canton 15-811 pickup, ARP drive

Oil pan, windage tray, oil filter adapter: Canton 15-810 T-pan, no tray, factory Ford 90 degree oil filter adapter

Oil and filter: 10w30 Penngrade with FL1A

Camshaft brand, type (hyd/solid, flat tappet or roller), lift and duration (adv and @.050"): Custom Oregon Cams hydraulic roller ground to requested specs , 233/241 @ .050", 113 LSA, 106.5 ICL, .600/.600

Lifters brand, type: Morel standard travel

Timing chain and timing cover: Cloyes billet, factory Ford cover

Cylinder heads brand, material, port and chamber information: Trick Flow, aluminum, 169.8cc port volume, 69.5cc chamber volume

Cylinder head flow in cfm at inches of lift (28" H2O pressure drop): (used flow data info from Brent Lykins 396 FE build did not flow these heads)

Intake Exhaust
.100 96 .100 66
.200 159 .200 120
.300 233 .300 164
.400 283 .400 197
.500 317 .500 215
.600 333 .600 220

Flow bench used, location: Superflow SF600, Dale Meers Racing Engines

Intake valve brand, head size, stem size: Ferrea, 2.190", 11/32"

Exhaust valve brand, head size, stem size: Ferrea, 1.625", 11/32"

Valve springs brand, part number, specs: PAC 1.55 as delivered in TFS assembly

Retainers and locks brand, part number, specs: TFS standard issue steel

Rocker arm brand, type (adjustable or non-adj), material, ratio: Lykins non adjustable rollers

Rocker shafts and stands, brand, material: Precision Oil Pumps hardened shafts, middle and end stands and studs, cut for rocker pattern

Pushrods brand, type, length: Trend custom

Valve covers, brand, type: Tony Branda repop chrome pentroof

Distributor brand, advance curve information: Pertronix billet, 14 initial, 18 mechanical, will have 6AL in car

Harmonic balancer brand: Powerbond

Water pump brand, type (mechanical or electric): Tuff Stuff Aluminum

Intake manifold brand, material, porting information: Edelbrock RPM intake, plenum roof work, port squaring and equalization (not matched to head ports)

Carburetor(s) brand, type: SP Carburetors 780 vacuum secondary with choke and choke tower, no spacers, 1/4 insulating gasket

Exhaust manifolds or headers brand, type: Dyno headers


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Nice beast. I do wonder what an 850 or even a 1050 carb would have done for it. 780 just sounds a on the small side but excellent throttle response.

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I have used a ton of those QFT780HR, they flow quite a bit better than an equiv Holley. There isn't a lot to be gained going bigger. There may have been a little more power in the engine with a spacer, but we needed room for a big air filter under the Gal's stock hood

This one was a sweetheart, 15 inches of vacuum, a little chop outside, but smooth idle inside. It'll be interesting how the next one does, same combo but 8 stack EFI
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