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I have a Crower Cam that I would like your opinion on this combination.


11.3:1 Compression
Victor intake
1150 Dominator
Iron 429 CJ Heads(Ported Exhaust)

Solid Lifter
Intake 250 at 0.050, .571" Lift

Exhaust 256 at 0.050, .590" Lift

108 lobe separation

Installed at 104

Any suggestions?

Yes, it is going into a street car!


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I'm pretty sure that a 950 CFM carb would be within 5 HP of an 1150 Dominator and would give far better low and midrange torque and throttle response. I've seen 9 second big blocks et quicker when they swap from Dominators to 850's, so I doubt that you really need a carb that big. If you're going to run that cam, because it's got a lot of overlap, you'll need to make sure that you run a big low restriction exhaust system. 3" minimum with a big crossover and two chamber Flowmasters and no tailpipes. You'll also need a vacuum canister if you have power brakes. Personally, if I was choosing a cam for your combo I'd pick the Crower 22360 (244-254 .588-.614 112 l/s) It'll produce just as much power but over a little bit wider powerband because it does it with a little less duration and slightly more lift. The wider lobe seperation will also create a little wider powerband, better throttle response, a cleaner idle and a couple of inches more vacuum. Either way though as long as you've got at least a 3000 RPM converter your combo will be strong. You'll just have to make sure you can get it to hook..... that could be the hardest part.

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Looks pretty good! I would use a 1050 rather than a 1150. The 950HP is a very good choice for streetability. The Victor 460 might cause some drivability problems especially in cool or cold weather due to the fact it has no heat passages to warm intake. I like the 110 separation & 108 CL. You will definitly have problems getting it to the ground.
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