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hi again,

ive been running codes on my 1988 5.0, and if i don`t have the HEGO loom plugged in, the computer doesnt throw an error on KOEO for the sensors, should it? it throws codes for other things if they are unplugged..

overall though i`m getting three codes. then a system ok

81 - Secondary Air Diverter Circuit Failure

82 - Secondary Air Bypass Circuit Failure

85 - CANP Circuit Failure (Others)

85 is ok because the canister system is gone,

is 81 smog pump (tab/tad) related? (air diverter) - if so, fine, as the smog stuff has gone.

and is 82 the IAB? or is it TAD/TAB again? the descriptions say air bypass.. i`m assuming 81 and 82 are one for each of the TAB/TAD solenoids...



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81 and 82 are both air pump (smog) system. IIRC, the O2 sensors are ignored until they heat and signal, or a timeout occurs.

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