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5.0 Roller Block limits

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I know I may be opening a can of worms but from the last post I read 450 rwhp (500+ crank hp) was considered beyond the safe limits of a 5.0/302 roller block. For a street/strip car with a turbo or supercharger shifted at 5800-6000 rpm, what are the safe limits of the 5.0 block? 450 crank hp? 375 crank hp? Apparently 500 is over the safe limit.
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In my humble opinion and from what I have read and gathered from builders, about 400hp at the flywheel. Between 5800-6000rpm you run into valve float on rollers unless you upgrade the springs. I would think 500+hp in a street 302 isn't going to last long. The folks at this web site are very helpful and they build both street and racing engines.

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