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5 or 6 speed into a 428

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Hey guys,
I'm restoring a 56 ford victoria and will use a 428 FE engine. I'm looking at a little over 450 HP. I plan to use the car for mostly street use but I will just have to "hammer" it ever so often. I want to drive the car a lot and want an over drive transmission. Should I use a 5 spd or a 6 spd---will it bolt up to the standard FE bell housing? I'm hoping someone can advise me on what tranny will take the torque and HP of this engine and bolt up to the bell housing. Any help is appriciated
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Tremec TKO 500 or 600
There is a guy around here that just put a 600 behind an FE so it can be done.
The 500/600 is the torque rating so these are stout 5 speeds.
I put the TKO-600 behind my 489 FE in a 70 Mustang. Very easy swap.

Bolts up to the stock FE bell if you buy a short input shaft (which everyone sells as an option)

I recommend you go TKO-600 not 500 for two reasons, both which have nothing to do with strength

1 - The 2.87 1st gear is short with a big block, the 500 will have a 3.27 (I think) its 3 something be useless IMHO

2 - Consider the "road race" version with a .84 OD. Say you run a 3.50 gear, 3.50 x .84 = 2.94, pretty good for highway cruising, but the .64 OD would put you at 2.24:1.

After that, you need a clutch disk to match the Chevy style input. You need to make a crossmember, but speedo cable is the same as a 4 speed, overall length is the same as a toploader. Easy stuff
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In addition, in terms of overdrive, most six speeds have the same overdrive gear as in the 5 speeds (the T56 Ford sells from the Cobra has a .62 6th gear while the TKO, as mentioned, has a .64 5th). Unless you need the close ratios, a six speed will only make your wallet weight less.
I would go with the 5 speed, you will never really need the extra gears with the torque of the big block. It is just extra expense and more things to go wrong. I am very happy with the 5 speed in my car, I could never imagine a need for a 6th speed.
In addition, I wholeheartedly agree with the 5 speed versus 6 for cost/benefit

It'll add at least 1000 bucks when all is said and done, due to needing a special bellhousing, more cutting, cost of the tranny, etc. For a gear you'll rarely use. AND if you gear it so you can use 6th, 1st will be so short it''' be like a truck
fordmandave here, I want to thank everyone who sent me info about putting a 5 or 6 speed into a 428. I appriciate your input very much.
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