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hi guys,

im new here so be gentle.

im looking at putting a 514 Ford Crate Engine into a Falcon here in Sydney Australia.

I just wanted to find out about an apparent problem with the journal bearing on the current Ford Crate Engine 514ci

I have read that a few part time racers have had to replace them with 2.20' Chevy ones due to failure.

anyone here heard of any faults in these 514 crate engines?

apparently Ford is selling off the remaining stock then stopping production until a cure is found...

any info greatly appreciated



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Haven't heard of that one. Which version are they discussing?

In the 514-B and C versions, there was an issue with rods. Racers were regularly finding the limit of the factory prepped Truck rods. They were replaced with H-beam forged rods and I haven't heard anything about them since. I doubt if ford is going to the smaller journal rods for this engine (crate or short block). The only other problem has been with reports of premature self-destruct of the roller cam or lifters...that has to be taken with a grain of salt. Its so easy to screw up, either the break-in, using less than adequet oil or expecting it to idle all day like a non-solid roller engine. That cam and lifter combination relies on "splash oiling" to keep the rollers lubed.

Versions D and above have the new Kasse revision heads, which have the relocated intake valve.

For the money, its one of the better values on the market. If you want to get exotic, go for more than the stock combination 600-625hp, 600tq (rumors have it closer to 700+, when using the new SCJ heads)...then sure, go thru it and do whatever floats your boat.
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