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527CI Carb Selection

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Hi Guys,

This post should really be posted on the Stroker Forum but id thought id ask here.
A friend of mine is building 460 stroked to 527 with ported iron heads. He advises me he will be using a holley 850CFM double pumper which IMHO seems a bit small for this build??? Can anyone advise on what would be the preffered carb'

Many thanks,
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......If a Dominator is the carb of choice make sure you get a good one if its going to be driven on the street.......Jesse @ BIGS!!

I'm interested in what is required for a dominator to work on the street. I would guess billet metering blocks etc. I get the wildest looks from people asking if this can be done effectively. Obviously, you have done it. Is it as good as a 4150 or just better than an off the shelf 4500?
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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