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I have a 56 F100 that I inherited from Dad. It has a good running 272, but has no gas tank. I would like to get the pickup on the road and then sell my 01 Supercrew. Old stuff is cooler and more fun to drive.
Inside the cab gas tanks don't bother me, but everything associated with the gas tank is missing. I would like to install a tank under the bed. Most conversions have the filler neck in the floor of the bed. I don't want to do that. This is going to be an everyday driver that is going to haul things. It will be very inconvenient to have a bed full of cow feed and then have to fill up if the filler is in the bed.
I got to wondering about the later model flare side pickups. I think 73 and later have the tank outside of the cab. Do they have a gascap or door on the side of the box or in the fender? I was wondering if a found a good 1973-1979 donor pickup, I could just swap the gas tank and box as a unit. Or, if I found a1980 or newer, I could use it's tank, but cut the filler door out of it and graft it into my box or fender.
Has anyone done this? I know a filler door in the fender is not as clean looking as a filler in the box, but it's what I want to do for convenience.
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