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6-71 Blower question

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Okay folks, my friend gave me a 6-71 blower, it's from the diesel, not been rebuilt for street. I was wanting to try my hand at polishing the case (boredom puts weird ideas into my head at the darnest times, still not sure what my plans are for it at this time...excpet to try and polish it
). So anyway, I started to take it apart and for the life of me I cannot figure out what is the best way to remove the gears?

Can you put a gear puller on it, or is there some special way to remove them?
They are going to need replacing anyway, the threads on one are stripped at the front, plus they look to be pretty rusty. But that isn't a concern right now, I just want to disassemble it. Any tips and tricks on getting them off...and anything else I should be awaer of for the removal of the rotors as well?

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You have to use a gear puller. They're on there pretty tight. Be aware though...the gears are on a splined shaft and the splines are REALLY fine. There is only 1 way that the gears will go on the splines (one spline is welded together, IIRC) so if it don't fit, don't force them. Once you have the gears out of the way you can remove the rest of the bolts behind the front bearing retainer and pull the retainer and rotors out all at once.

Is that off of a V6-71 or an Inline? They are different. Also, if you plan on using it in a vehicle application, be aware that most of the parts have to be changed over. About the only thing you'll be re-using will be the case, and even then if there's any big scratches in the sides, it'll be useless. I have bought & sold probably 50 of these things (most were Inline 6-71's, but I also had a few 10's and V8-71's) and the last 8-71 blower I had I was going to use on a 460 in my old truck. Once I got all the prices of having it rebuilt, reworked, and refurbished to work in my application, I could have bought a new "kit" from BDS.
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Thanks Mavman! It's an inline and I doubt that I would be using it for anything, at least not anytime soon. It was a freebie, so any money that may make it's way there isn't going to be offset by an initial purchase price...but I am mostly just looking to use it for practicing my polishing skills, plus sometimes I just like to try my hand at taking things apart...kind of gives me a better understanding of something.
Plus it will look neat just sitting on my shelf in the shop...make my friends wonder what the heck I have planned for my next project!


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I had a 6-71 on my Gray's Marine diesel in my 50' U-Boat when I was in the Navy. We had them on our 50', 40', and the P Boat (officer's boat). We left all of the boats at a civilian yard in San Diego when we went to drop bombs on those people in Nam. When we came back, it seems someone wanted the blowers more than we did. The one on the P boat was gone and the 40' had parts missing. We were told that a different mounting plate would allow it ot be mounted on a car. Never did find out who took it but they had a spare somewhere 'cause the P boat was in the water in less than a week.

Mr. Ed
cool story Mr. Ed!
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