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600+ rwhp twin turbo C4 or No

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Well, I have a built 2001 Mustang Gt with twin turbo's. I am currently at 600ish rwhp with plans for around 800 to the wheels. I can't afford an Aod and I am currently running a t-56. I go to the track about once a month and drive it on the street 3-4 times a week. I like to play around on the steet but would like to get a little more serious about the track but I'm not ready to dedicate this car as a track car yet since I don't have another daily besides my company work truck. Last time at the track I smoked a Ram 900 HD clutch. They are going to replace it and say it should hold but I don't want to fight these clutch issues all the time. I can't afford a twin disk mcleod or anything right now and I can basically get into a built C4 with everything good to 1000hp and a converter to my specs as a even trade. What to do?
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Baumann engineering says a 4r70w should hold up with a few upgrades. And it's available with the right bolt pattern. They's changed there website and I don't see the high horsepower stuff listed, but it would be worth calling them.
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