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Hi All-

After many problems trying to keep the stock drums working over the last 2 years, finally bit the bullet on a disc brake conversion and new rims to allow for clearance. Thanks to all that helped out with tips and recommendations to help me get to this point.

Could not be happier with the conversion. Car stops WAY better than before. No screetching or pulling either. The larger rims (17x7 front, 17x8 rear) and lower profile tires are a firmer ride for sure but its still very comfortable.

Also put on new shocks from Rare parts--wow. I've had this car for 22 years and these things are the best riding shocks I've ever had. Heard great things about their durability which helped to overlook the price.

Finally--I love the look. Feels like a hot wheels car! Enjoy the pics, and thanks again to everyone for their help along the way.
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