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I know we have a classifieds section on this board, but with all the parts my father has collected along the years for his 64, I would need to many adds to make it worth while.

I dont know exactly what all he has, but I do know some of the items he has, so if there is anything you might be needing send me an email and I can check on it.

Complete 260 V8 and 2 speed auto: 73k original miles, numbers matching from air cleaner to pan, front to back. Put new plugs in it and it will fire right up.

Tail light housings and lenses, non reverse lamp style.

Complete wiring harness for a 64

Instrument cluster

Doors for a coupe ( original owner was shaving the door handles and trim off them)

Front fenders (again trim has been shaved by original owner)

Side moulding for a 500 model (not sure what he has, but there is some for a 4dr and some for a 2dr as well.)

Steering column for a power steering, auto on the column vehicle.

Like I stated, he has tons of stuff laying around and just needs to clear things out. Send me an email if you dont see something on here that you might need, he probably has it laying around.


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