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Hi, I'm an Aussie with a 64 Galaxie 500 sedan. Stock as a rock. Canadian assembled Right Hand drive for Australian export with a 59 Edsel dash from factory. I'm the 2nd owner. Got it from the original owners wife. She didn't want to sell it but needed the cash. I promised her I'd take care of it and I do.
Anyways, after a stressful 1000km trip home with absolutely everything leaking including 2 tyres, I got her home and fixed all issues.
My road draft tube spews out oil. I have a catch can as a temporary solution but it fills up quick.
Does anyone know why it would spew out so much blow by? Should there be a baffle in there or do I have more sinister engine issues?
The engine was rebuilt back in 93 and has done minimal miles since then.
It starts perfectly, shuts off perfectly and does NOT blow any smoke, even at start up. All cylinders have pretty much identical compression.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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