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Hi all,

I have been making progress on my 66 FB. It now has a 66 390 4V our of a galaxie waggon, and a 4 speed toploader form a 64 with a 390. The tag says HEH-D for what it is worth.

So as it stands now I am a driveshaft yoke away form moving under its own power. I have been doing some reasearch and it seems that a C4 yoke will do, but I have no idea. All i know is that I need 1330 series u-joints as that is what the factory driveshaft has. I can get a new one, but for $60 I would rather buy what i cannot find at a junkyard.

Does this seem rihgt, as far as the C4 yoke? What cars should I look at in the junkyard that would have one of these?

As always, much thanks

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