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\'65-\'66 Police 140MPH speedometer?

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Does anybody know if P-code cars came with 140MPH speedometers or did all '65-'66's come with 120MPH speedometers?
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IIRC: Only the cars with the Special Police Option had them. This option was only available when ordered by a law enforcement agency. They had Certified Speed printed on the face of the speedometer. All P-code cars did not have the Police Package.

The Sheriff in Crawford County, Ga. had a XL f/b coupe with a P-code engine and 4-speed trans., but not the Police Package Option.
Interesting, Rayell! Do you know of a picture for this speedometer? Was this for both '65 and '66? Was it the same dimensions as the 120MPH speedometer?

The reason I'm inquiring is because my '65 pegs the 120 speedometer in 3rd, and I have no idea how fast I'm going in 4th gear. I was thinking a 140MPH speedometer would be handy to have.

By the way, I love the color of your '64! That is really pretty! What drivetrain do you have in that good looker?

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I will check my Illustrated Master Parts Catalog tomorrow. Doubt it will have a picture though.

The old Gal has a 427, c-6, and 2.75 gear ratio. It is a hyd. lifter, (basically) 390 hp version, available in 1968.


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If you install just the dash, speedometer, it will not be "certified".

Certified means several things, that the wheel/tires, Driven and drive gear, rear end gears and dash display are calibrated to a specific value. Not to mention that it is tested periodically to insure the speed is with in variance. If you are not running the correct gears, wheels, tires...etc. The new speedometer is nothing more than another toy to decorate your dash board. Not that there is anything wrong with that, its just not any truer a correct speed repesentation than what you already have...other than now it goes to "eleven".

My question about how, why your speedometer shows 120 in third would be to ask what rear gear you are running and what is your current wheel/tire height.
Good points, Beo! Did I forget to say that 140MPH would look exceptionally good on the dash? LOL. And that's interesting info about what went into "certification" of indicated speed on Law Enforcement applications. And here all along here I thought they were just writing tickets because of my looks.

As far as true certification for my own application, I do not intend to write any tickets to my fellow Galaxie owners, and we all know the other brands can't go fast enough to break the speed limit anyway. So I'm not interested in that, particularly.

My trans is the 3.03 HEH-CC, differential ratio is 3:1, tires are P235-75/R15.

I'm guessing Rayell (and several others here, also) can peg his speedometer with plenty to spare given his 2.75 differential, particularly if he's running larger 15" tires.
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he definitely should be able to... I could and then some in my '64 T-bird, 2.75 rear and cast iron cruiso-o-matic in it... (never new the ratio on the tranny...)....

I got into understanding the difference between police speedometers and what made them "certified" as a juvinal deliquent.

Your post brought up some old me to reminising about an old car we threw together. With the 4:56 gears.... from a farm pickup truck we "found" in a backyard shed of an boarded up house,... in the rear, it would indicate near 100 mph in 2nd gear.

Probably closer to 70
...but it sure made for great conversation, gave us a lot of reputation when bench racing with the less educated fella's. Car was quick, but not fast.
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Yeah, Beo, I've also heard my fair share of blather by officers testifying about how exact their equipment is, mostly radar units! Got kind of boring hearing the same old blah, blah, blah from those guys.

I'm pretty sure my toploader has the factory speedo gear for the typical 3.25:1 ratio and the equivelent of G78-15 tires, which would tend to underestimate the cars speed. Don't get me wrong, I use 4th gear alright, but my engine is turning only 2600 rpms at about 80MPH (which is how I wanted the car set up, as a highway driver not a dragster) as indicated by a friend pacing me in another car with correct speedometer.

My idea is to have a graphics artist of my acquaintance generate a frisket that would allow me to remark the speedo plate to 140MPH and substitute the proper speedo gear in my transmission to correctly display the true (but not "certified&quot
speed. It would be nice to know what the 140MPH speedometer looks like so the artist can get the appearance right, or nearly so.
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It should look just like the regular one...except for 2 more "tick" marks. Its not like they use more space, the needle sweep is or should be pretty colse to the same...all that they do is tighten up the spacing.

I put a 140mph speedometer in my '83 Mustang ( that was back in the good old days...when the Feds thought that putting 85mph on the speedometer was the solution to speeding
). The spread was the same, but the markings/numbers were closer together. They can change the internal gears to match the layout. There are still a few distributor and speedometer shops that can calibrate or re-calibrate a speedometer. Or you can buy an adapter, it fits between the cable and the driven can be adjusted to make the reading true.

I figure anything over 130 - 140mph is more about aerodynamics than about horsepower.

LKF (Little know factoid...might even be true!), they haven't made new speedometer calibration machines since the 50's. All of them, that I know of, are heirlooms, passed from father to son or good buddies. They are seldom sold or seen on the open market.

Something to look at: Not Ford...
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Beoweolf, You are correct on all points that I can remember. When I graduated H/S in 1952, I worked at a shop that calibrated speedometers for the law enforcement agencies in our area. Also a lot of shine haulers, too. I can't remember how often that they had to have them done though.
, (Law Enforcement).

I believe that there is an old shop here that still can calibrate a speedometer. It bought the machine when the other shop went out of business.
I been looking for a 140mph speedometer for my 68 LTD .I only got lucky and found one for a 69 FORD custom .There were 3 cars at the junk yard I bought one of them. When I came after 2 weeks to purchase the other two some ***hole destroyed the dashes.They are shorter in width than Fords of 65 to 68. My 428 1968 ltd with gears ratio I have and rpms I was at ,I must of been traveling at closer to 141 mph .Remember these cars have the areodynamiques of brick so I figured I might be going at 128 mph.Mind you at that speed the car shakes and I won't do it again.If you find one put in for looks old Fords are not Nascar racers so Play Safe.
I am back, I was looking for info on cop cars .Here is a sight to look at look in the (copcar brochures and specs section).
Great post, 460! Actually, '65 Galaxies WERE the NASCAR racers to beat in '65!
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You are right ,but I have seen the work that went into preparing those Galaxies . With work you can get it to handle high speeds.Remember 1966 they switched to the Fairlane due better handling to compete with the mid size mopars.
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