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65 body repair...

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Anybody know where to get trunk pans, rear floor pans, trunk molding chanel, rear deck, & rear window chanel repair/replacement parts for a 1965 Custom 500 4 door? The car I just picked up has had a rear window leak for ??? years which is starting to rot away these parts. Instead of using body fillers I would like to weld in some solid pieces before it gets too bad to fix. I beleive the same parts from almost any 65/66 Galaxie will work. I'm not sure about any other years or body styles.
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yeah, out west is probably only place for these...I was looking for some floor pieces for mine and no repops were available(as of few years ago) so I just made some up and cut out just parts of floor needed. be careful around that rear window- mines a 4 dr hdtp(small glass) had one helluva time finding replacement glass. seems most of the 4 doors especially went to the shredders before the far more desirable 2 doors...
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