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Hey everyone, I am relatively new to this forum and wanted to introduce my project. This is actually a project for me and my son who is 12 now and it will be his when he turns 16 (if he gets straight A's)!
I am not a mechanic by trade, so a lot of this will be a new experience for me and I will surely like to enlist the help of any willing parties! I built a 69 coupe when I was a kid and it was an amazing experience. I want to stay engaged in my son's life and what better way than building his dream car together!

I've been searching for a '65 for months! Everything that I found was way too far gone for my skill level or it would be sold before I could get to it. I found this '65 on Craig's List. I saw it just as he posted it and I drove up right away liked it and bought it! He is a tow truck driver and drove it to my house for me free of charge.

Looking at the car, there doesn't seem to be any major damage or rust. It was exactly what I was hoping to find, bad shape but not overwhelmingly so.

We have a boat slab (but no boat, lol) where we have the car and we will disassemble itand figure out what we can use and what needs to be replaced. The motor is a 200 straight six so that will give way to a 302 (or variation of). It had a manual transmission so I am very excited about that.


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