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Hi, I just got a 65 Ranchero that's pretty customized. It's lowered with tubular A-arms and other modifications. My question relates to the shock towers and caps. The guy that lowered it, must have found that with the tower caps on the shock tower, the shocks have no (or very little) travel. So, he put 1" spacers that lift the tower cap off the tower - effectively allowing the shock piston to extend more. These also are not standard Falcon shocks, the top of the piston has flange with two bolts that attach to the cap (I think like a Mustang?).

The spacers look pretty lame and mickey mouse and I want to do something that looks more correct.

So, here is my question, are there tower caps that stand taller that will allow me to bolt them to the shock tower and still allow the shock to have some travel. OR, should I just remove the shock and try to get a shorter version of it, or another application that would fit.

I think these are Bilsteins, they are pretty stiff and with how low it sits, I need a stiff shock. I like KYB gas-adjust, but looking for some advice.

My other car is a GTO and I have always been more knowledgeable of GM cars. This is my first Ford, so I am learning.



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