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65 galaxie brake pedal adjustment please help

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hi i restored my galaxie and i,m almost done ,the problem i,m having is my brake lights stay on all the time ,i put a new switch on and it is the same ,if you pull up on pedal with your hand the lights go out but a mechanical adjustment has to be made somewhere i just don,t know where please help
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I dunno, but dont recall a pedal spring on mine- the switch is kinda 'weird' to me as it always seems to have weight of pedal on it, yet only pushes offcenter on the pin a little to turn on lights...I think if the pushrod length were too long, you would not be able to pull up on the pedal to shut it off? Id say if theres no pedal spring(dont recall for sure, but dont think so) the new switch might be bad too?
heres a pic of the switch assy from the manual- perhaps its flipped over, or a bushing on wrong side?

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guess there is an adjustment:

sorry for the pics- scanners broke...good luck with it

if you cant read them, right click/copy/paste into paint or something where you can zoom in a bit- funny they look clear as a bell in other s/w, but hard to see as posted...

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