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Hey guys, back again with another quick one for this Park Lane wiring disaster that I've picked up.

The headlamp switch appears to be defective. I have markers, turns (finally) and heads/tails, but no instrument lamps. The dome lamp switch seems to work, even though the dome light itself was cut out and removed by the PO. I still have the cover for it, but not the actual lamp. eBay hunting hasn't gotten me anywhere there.

Anyway, the question - obviously it's unsafe to drive when you can see your gauges at night, and although I don't plan to do so often, I need a temporary solution.

I put my test light on 12v and touched the underside of the switch connector (blue/red wire) and all the panel gauges lit. As a temporary fix, can I just splice into this wire with a simple toggle or do I need to cut and remove it from the headlamp switch? I guess I'm not sure if I provide 12v to that wire if it would somehow damage the switch if it was connected. I know it's a hack fix, but it's temporary.

Also, does anyone know of a good parts interchange database for this Mercs? I can't believe some of the parts wouldn't just been normal Ford bin goodies and it'll help in the long run.
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