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heres some info i shared from another thread/pvt message:

"ok hold on before you buy much more.

your 67 cougar is just like a 67 mustang and just like my 67 fairlane, especially in the front suspension.

but on that assumption that im 99.999% sure of, here is your answer to your disk brake swop.

Mustang Front Disc Brake Conversion Kit 4 Pist Caliper | eBay

this vintage to year disk brake kit will make it soooo much simpler on your disk brake switch.

why? because you DO NOT need to replace your spindles. doesnt matter if your car has drums. the spindles are the same for disk.

this way if you need to replace a part on your/these disk brakes; every bit of it can be found at your local parts store. :)

nice right?

now if that price is too hefty or you dont have/want to blow $800+. you can piece all the parts you need from your local auto parts store and or cougar/mustang/fairlane parts books.
even nicer right?

with the exception of this part.

this part i found on ebay:
65 66 67 Mustang Comet Disc Brake Brackets Quality SSBC | eBay
and the only fabricating i had to do was cut and flange a bigger fitting on the end of the brake line that connects to your rubber brake line/hose to your calipers. drum brake hoses are a bit different then disk for what ever reason.

i run power brakes. which i prefer, but i can tell you my 4pistone vintage 67 disk brakes work wonderfully. especially with a booster.
heres my favorite booster.

which i have no idea if this type is applicable, it most likely is.

here is my not so favorite booster.

make sure to verify that i am right before buying lol

hope this helps.

PS you do not NEED a proportioning valve if your cougar still has rear drum brakes. but it can never hurt.

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Dang I think i just read that.....:confused:

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Bought pretty much the same kit from Summit for my Comet beginning of the year on sale for around 550$. Didn'tt come with MC though.
They now have it for 639$. Without MC.
Summit Racing® Full Wheel Drum-to-Disc Brake Conversion Kits SUM-BK1224 -

The vender in your link, Laurel Mountain Mustang, are good people, local for me and they have always been more than helpful.

For my comet I had to have the V8 spindles which my car came with so this was a great deal for me wanting to swap to disk.

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