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More of fuel gauge now. Kind of eliminated the sending unit possibility.

YouTube - Fairlane Ranchero sending unit and gauge

I thought I had some problems with the fuel level, turns out I really was about as low as I thought. Also there seems to be some thinking that today's fuel will corrode the sending unit float over time, and that most of the problems are caused by the sending unit. To me it looks like the gauge is the problem, as the video shows the sending unit in the empty position, and then the full position. The guage seems to work fine, although it's E resting spot is far below what I think it should be, and a full tank is displayed as 3/4 full.

Some info.
Sending unit purchased in 05-6 from Autokrafters and works fine also looks new.
Gauge is either original or from a cluster I purchased off ebay a year ago.

Side note, I didn't take the video with the phone sideways, don't know why it came out like that.
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