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Hey cherokeechief57, here is a quick guide to anything and everything you need to know about dropping the tank (there isn't enough slack in the hose to drop it but it is very easy to remove)!

First you need to take out the filler neck. There are 4 screws with a 5/16 head around the gas cap you need to remove.

Next you need to remove the rubber sleeve on the inside of the wheel well (if yours is still intact!). If yours is rotted away you don't need to remove these screws. There are 4 screws inside the wheel well where you see the filler next going through the body.

After these 8 screws have been removed you can then remove the filler neck.

Now, it may be a bit stuck in there (depending on the last time it was removed and how good the rubber seal into the tank is). But the gas tank end of the filler neck is simply held in place by friction and just needs to be slid out. Mine was stuck, but with the aid of WD-40 it came out.

At this point you just monkey the neck around until you find the sweet spot that lets the filler neck come out the side of the car.

Next, you need to disconnect the rubber hose that connects the gas line to the sending unit and disconnect the push plug for the gas gauge. These are located on the front of the tank right in the middle (end of car towards motor). Usually it is just a matter of pulling the plug out with your forefinger and thumb and removing a pipe clamp.

Once that is done, you just unscrew the nuts on the carriage bolts, and slide the tank out (empty preferably!).

This last picture is a shot of the tank with the sending unit facing us. The filler neck is just barely out of view (hidden by the flange encircling the tank).

Hope this helps man and answers your question!
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