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66 Fairlane Wagon Tail Lights

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I am looking for a set of 66 Fairlane Wagon tail light bezels. This link shows exactly what they look like.

Please let me know if anyone knows where I might find them (BESIDES EBAY)

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I have a set of '66 Fairlane wagon NOS assemblies on my '68 Falcon wagon that are identical to those you have shown that I plan on using until I find the matching NOS tail light assembly for my one NOS '67 Fairlane wagon/68-69 Falcon wagon tail light assembly I already have. I want the right ones on my car even though I am using NOS '67 Falcon grill/headlight bezels/hood trim which is a much better more aggressive looking setup. Be prepared to spend for NOS as my pair of '66 Fairlane wagon tail light assemblies cost me $650 and $20 shipping. My single NOS 67 Fairlane wagon/68-69 Falcon wagon assembly cost $225 and I still need the other one. Expensive but well worth it as the NOS is perfect condition with no scratches, pits, oxidation, or cloudy anodized finish.

I'd like to see a picture of your '66 wagon
Do you have any?
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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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