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My husband is a Ford guy, while I am not I do want both of our babies to look our best so I am on the hunt to refinish his seats for Christmas, but sadly my knowledge is lacking to make sure i am getting him the right present.

My Husband bought a 1966 Ford Falcon Futura two door when he was 16 from the original owner that was mostly all original. The owner had let his daughter have it and she didn't latch the hood correctly and folded the hood over the car. Which is way he sold it to my husband. My husband had the body work done and has owned the car for a few years now.

So without asking too many question from my husband i want to know if these seats covers will work for the car.:

I know i would need the parchment color at least i'm pretty sure the coloring i would need. I also am looking for other trim pieces and this year is hard to find for me. Things like a new bumper (front and rear) as well as other trim pieces so any site that could help would be great.



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