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66 Galaxie Disk Brake Conversion

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I've just joined your board and have just become the proud owner of a 1966 Galaxie project car. I want to convert the standard drum brakes to disk breaks. Has anyone documented their own conversion that they can make public? For example, what make/model of donor car did you you use for the front and rear break conversion? What "little tricks" did you discover in the conversion that made all the difference in getting the job done? What problems did you run into? What tips do you have, etc...

I'm trying to not reinvent the wheel here and want to learn from the experience of others as much as possible. Thanks for your help .
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Search the Forum for postings by Galaxie_406 extensive research was done on this as well as spindle crossovers, rotors and brakes. Also touches on which spindles to look for so you don't run into too much positive camber.
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