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66 Galaxie Firewall/Cowl Panel Insulation Repair/Replacement.

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So here is the old firewall or cowl panel insulation from my 66 Custom 500. It’s broken in several places and a piece or two might be missing. Have the guys that have had this out encountered this problem? Should I try to fix it ??? And reuse it or do the adhesive mass panels and insulation materials available aftermarket good enough to do the job? I counted 8 retaining pin holes on the insulation that look like they go through the insulation and lock into the firewall. I could probably find small plastic plugs to fill the holes in the firewall. There are so many there already!
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I had a couple tears in mine that I was able to repair with weatherstrip adhesive. Yours looks rough enough that I don't think I would try to reuse it. Go with the aftermarket one...Luckily this is not something you'll likely ever see.
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