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66 Galaxie Long Dash Pad Removal

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It sure is tight under the dash. Pretty hard to see much of anything. Anyone have any insight on removing the long dash pad on a 66 Galaxie?

Maybe if I took a look in an assembly manual?

I've put the cap on a few years ago and I've never really been as pleased as I should be. I'm thinking I'm going to take it off and spend the $ to have it restored at Just Dashes.

I also understand that Dearborn Classics and/or Ecklers is in the process of a prototype replacement. So that may be Plan B depending on how long it takes before we see them come out.
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Wow that looks good. Really impressed with the coverage of paint in the trunk, hinges and interior panels. I assume this sedan is the expolice reference or is that you?
That is a cool history on that car. I’m a big fan of base models.
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