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67 Cruis-o valve body in a 64 case, does it fit?

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I ordered a torque converter for my Cruis-O with a 2200 rpm stall on Friday. The guy said he had a valve body from a 67 Cruis-O that would allow me to shift manually from 1 to 2 to D. Something about green dot's or green somethings. Does anyone know if that valve body will work in a 64 case? Thanks in advance.
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All I know is that in 64, the pattern was P R N white-dot green-dot L
In 67 it changed to P R N D 2 1
Assuming the trans guy knows what he's talking about , the 67 VB in the 64 case would change your trans to white-dot=D, green dot-equals-2, L=1
Well, regardless of the labels, in any '58-'66 Ford auto, after N
comes D2, then D, then low. D2 allows second gear starts, just as "2" in a 67-up does. The difference is that in D2, the trans will eventually upshift to 3rd, it can't be held in second, unlike the 67 -up "SelectShift", which can be held in 2nd until the cows come home . Both types , however, allow for LOW (1st) to be held indefinitely
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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