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67 Cruis-o valve body in a 64 case, does it fit?

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I ordered a torque converter for my Cruis-O with a 2200 rpm stall on Friday. The guy said he had a valve body from a 67 Cruis-O that would allow me to shift manually from 1 to 2 to D. Something about green dot's or green somethings. Does anyone know if that valve body will work in a 64 case? Thanks in advance.
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Wow!!! Did I stump the wizard or what with his question? Can't believe no replies yet.
I don't have any dots. That's what is weird!! I have P R N D2 D1 1. The car has a floor shifter though so that may be the difference in labeling.
Thanks. I hope to actually get one that's not a car show and that actually shows how much lower she sits. Maybe this weekend. Gotta be getting close to fall/winter down there. How's things going?
Jay at Broader Performance called and said that the box was mislabled and the valve body in the box is actually for an FMX so I guess this thread was all for not. Anybody have a 64 cruis-o valve body for sale? I start a new post too but thought I could start here.
You and me both! I don't know if a Cruis-O is considered an MX or not. Broader Performance said that the difference in valve bodies is that there is no rear port in the valve body for an FMX. Sure wish I had the dough left to put in a C-6 though.
Select shift is what I was after. Figured it would be better for the occasional impromptu street race.
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