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I have 2 items for sale:
1) Driver and Passenger side view mirrors with remote. 18" cables. Good condition with minor pitting. Ready for the chrome shop!
2) Complete set of lower trim / moulding pieces from a 1967 Ford Galaxie 2 door hard top fastback with a 390.
Total 11 piece set which includes the rare trunk lid trim.
-LH&RH front, front fender pieces (portion of front fender in front of the tire)
-LH&RH rear, front fender pieces (portion of front fender behind the tire)
-LH&RH door rocker panels
-LH&RH rear quarter panel pieces,
-Trunk lid piece

The trim is in VERY good condition, however it is 50 years old (49). There are some pieces where the chrome plating has flaked off.

The LH Front, Front Fender piece, and the RH Rear, Front Fender piece are from a 1967 Galaxie 500 XL (more commonly referred to as just the XL). All other pieces are from a 1967 Galaxie base model. The only difference between the mouldings is that the 500 XL has raised ribs, and the base model mouldings did not.

As mentioned, the trim is in very good for its age with very few/minor dings and still holds lots of luster.

Email me at [email protected] for pics and pricing.


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