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I picked up a 1967 Galaxie 500 a couple of weeks ago. Problems I had were as follows along with an update.

1. Parking brake inop- adjusted the brake cable and now it is good. Will install a return spring to attach to the bracket where the cables all come together. You pull the release and it does not return. That is my today project.

2. Leaking power steering lines- tightened up the lines that go into the box. Used oil resistant gasket sealer around the line and the fitting. Replaced the return line with hose and clamps

3. License plate light not working. Pulled out the old bulb. It was rusted to the housing. Cleaned it all up and re-mounted. Would not work until mounted as the frame is the ground.

4. Right front brake locks up when the car is cold and brakes are applied. Will bleed the system today and replace lines as necessary. Takes a few days to get them in.

5. Inside pilar lights do not work. Will order new ones from Ecklers...39.95 a piece. Next month on this.

6. Leaking out of every possible gasket in the engine. Will pull the motor and tranny next month and re-gasket, paint and re-install. Seen people re-gasket and put the dirty ass motor back. While its out I gotta clean and paint. Will replace any problem parts such as rings, bearings and valve seals while I got it apart.

7. Rust holes in hood, drivers door, passenger lower quarter, passenger wheel well, and back window frame. Will replace hood...if I can find one and purchase new sheet metal patches for other problem areas. Will get the rear window fixed at shop when it goes for paint.

8. Paint is aquamarine blue with a wimbledon white top. Not sure when this will happen. Boss lady has not released funds....may just beg for forgiveness instead of asking permission..wish me luck.

Pics of the car are in the garage. The interior was redone a while back. not sure how long ago. Good work with the material but not so good on the install. Need to trim it up so the panels install correctly.
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