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67 mustang carpet

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hey, i don't know if anyone has done it, but i am planning on carpeting my trunk in my 67 coupe. is this a big challenge and if so what is the best way to go about it. there aren't any carpet kits for it and there are some pretty nasty angles to get around. also i want to put a plate up between the passenger compartment and the trunk, is this hard, or simple. any input is welcomed.

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you can find the steel dividers at any mustang part supplier, try but I'm sure there are many places you can find one.

My brother carpeted his vette with marine carpeting, which is good for whether and moisture plus I think it's supposed to stand up to some abuse. The hardest part is going to be forming the carpet along the curves. I don't know how you're gonna accomplish that, especially on the wheel wells. If it were me, I wouldn't bother because it's going to be a mess one day if you decide you want to pull it all out. If you do decide to do it, go to a carpeting or apholstery shop and they can get you the fabric and adhesive you need.

One other thing I would do is pull offf all of the body sealer that way you'll get nice clean edges.
i pulled off all the body sealer, and i actually dynomatted the whole interior, to quiet it down a bit, wow, what a huge difference in ride quality, and i wanted to carpet it, i am planning on trying to lay down some carpet padding for extra cushion and to hide some of the nasty angles, i am going to put little covers over where the big hole is in the fender (between rail and fender) and then somehow try to lay the carpet as evenly as possible...anyone with some more suggestions?
Get some kraft (brown)paper or similar and tape up a template of the trunk area you want carpetted. Then get the carpet you need and cut to that shape. I would then take it to an upholstery shop and have the edges "serged" or get piping sown on the edges to give it a finished look and keep the edge threads from pulling. Stu
There are a few options, you can just do it yourself, but there is supposed to be a carpet kit out there for our mustangs, made by Distinctive Industries. It is for sale on texas mustang and here is a link to an article about it.

if you are planning some other work back there, I have a few links to customized classic mustang trunks with some speaker boxes that fit under the package tray and leaves a lot of space in the trunk.

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I know what you mean about putting down sound deadener in a classic mustang. My friends 64.5 was loud as heck on the freeway. We spent an afternoon in my driveway replacing the interior, adding sound deadener. It was quiet enough we could finally talk in the car! I'd like to see your carpeting job when its done. I bet it will be petty cool.
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