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I'm in the process of shopping for some 17" wheels for my 67 galaxie. I have front disk (brake swap conversion 72 t-bird donor) and drum in the rear. I want to put some 17x8 front and rear. What kind of backspacing am I looking at. I've looked through the threads and can't find any info. Can anyone help? Or if anyone has any for sale let me know. Thanks in advance everyone.

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On 2006-04-27 20:00, brotherdon wrote:
Thats nice. Would you be so kind as too post a pic? Couls you also tell us your TT specs as well? I happen to KNOW for certain that TT2 on 15" will not fir that tire. If you like I CAN post the pics. U first.
Well, EXCUSE ME. Musta been thinking bolt pattern and not backspacing.
(not TT2, TTD)

Don't really see the use of that attitude and the
If you need me to talk louder so you can hear me from that perch you are apparently sitting on let me know.

1967 Galaxie 500
Original Paint, Chrome, Glass

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