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68 Custom Interior Packages

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Hi all! New to the form but I have been reading posts for almost a year now.

Does any know the best place to by a custom interior package for a 68 Galaxie fastback. I have been leaning towards a package from for about $1500. Any other places I should be checking out?

Also need rear quarters for the same vehicle. I can get them locally for about $750CAD. Is there a cheaper alternative?

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My car is a four door and I will soon be selling off parts .I have good seats,but they are for a 4 door car.They come off a 1968 LTD. The only problem is transportation. They weigh alot with the elecrtic seat motors.I too am in Canada.In the Montreal area.They are black in colour so they will blend in with almost any colour.I did locate a 68 Galaxie with bucket seats and console in a yard ,but they need work.
I found in my searches, the guy there (Chris) quoted me $250 for front and rear tweed seat covers, or $199 for vinyl. He seems like a very knowledgable and firendly guy, you might check him out.
Give a try, you can download their catalog from their website. I bought my upholstery from them, the fit was great and the material was a perfect match. Dearborn Classics is a good as well but I found searching their wedsite for parts was useless, best to order a catalog from them. I ordered a ton stuff from both of them to finish my 68 XL.

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I paid about 250.00 for my covers front /back from automtiveinteriors, easy install good fit great price ,you said 1500.00 why so much ?
Thanks Guys! I'll check out a couple of these sites. In reply to the last post the $1500 includes seats,headliner, capet, material the hole deal.

68Betsy I paid 250.00 for the seat covers
125.00 headliner
150.00 carpet kit
75.00 windlace
600.00 total
Not to bad and the install was fairly easy. Good luck and post pics !
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