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I have a 1968 Fairlane 500, 2 door, formal roof, front bench seat, 302, C4 w/column shifter, 54K original miles, Highland green with black interior I am thinking about selling. If I can get a good price out of it. Like most people I'd just soon keep something if I had to give it away.

My grandmother bought this car from her neighbor in 1976 and she gave it to me back in 1999 about 6 years after she quit driving. She was almost 90 years old when she quit driving!

I guess for a 44 year old car, you could say the car is in good to great condition for it's age.

It's got a new (well 12 year old but garage kept) paintjob but it's not that great. The inside has new seat covers, headliner, carpet.

I've installed lots of parts over the years. Too many to list. Like a new suspension parts, bigger swaybars, etc. Bumpers and door handles were rechromed. Pacer rims with Michelin tires. Petronix ignition system and new radiator and water pump.

It leaks some oil but I'd say if you replaced the intake manifold gasket and the timing chain cover, would stop 95% of the leaks.

Like most Fords of the time, the only rust on this car was the underside of the cowl panel where leaves had clogged the drains. I was able to repair this myself with Eastwood's Corroless coating, fiberglass and truck bed coating and it leaks no more.

Negatives: Four wheel manual drum brakes. Manual steering. No A/C.

One of the from wheel cylinders is either sticking or is out of adjustment and will pull to one side under hard braking. I have a $300 front disc brake kit to go on it but haven't had the time to install it. Who knows it maybe a bad tie rod end.

Reason for selling? I have too many cars as it is. I cannot maintain them all and although all of my cars I consider my babies, this one has been driven the least in several years and I'd like to see it go to a good home and find someone appreciate it.

I have a 2008 Mustang GT which is my "muscle" car.

I'm at work right now so I cannot upload any photos but what sort of value would be a good asking price for this car?

I'm thinking $5500 or best offer. I saw one on Ebay like mine that was in rough shape go for $2500.

If anyone is interested in this car, you can email me directly at [email protected] and I can email you some photos or eventually post them here.

I live in N.E. Tennessee, about 25 miles from Bristol Nascar track.
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