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Does anyone know the correct size for the rear bow tack strip?

I am trying to figure what is the correct size for the rear bow tack strip so I can install my new top. The one the convertible top guys sent me does not come flush with the top of the rear bow channel. I'm not sure if this is correct or not. They sent me mislabeled parts so I'm not 100% on the size of the tack strip they sent.

Also does the header bow take a tack strip or does it just get glued and screwed with the weather strip retaining bar.

Any help would be much appreciated.



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I don't know how the header bow is on the '68 but on mine there are little metal tabs that bend over the tack strip to help hold it in. The '68 might not be the same. It has been so long since i took mine apart i'm going to be in big trouble when it's time to redo it. Sure hope i took pics of that part! I had a big rust problem and had to get some of the tabs replaced on mine so can't just look and see how it was originally.

Also on mine the tack strip is flush with the "holder" it sits in. How much does yours stick up? You might sand it down some if it's sandable (think they sell the paper type and a rubber type), at least the corners of it to round it. On the Atrim website they list 2 sizes of tack strip, not sure if that would help you any but you could at least measure and compare. It might be that the sizes are basically all the same sizes.

I have a friend in TX that did his own top on a '68, I can contact him and see what info he might have.

Found a pic of my header bow and looked at one of my rear tack strip and it sits down in a chanel and nothing sticks out above it.

You can see the tabs that hold the tack strip on the header bow and also there is a short peice on each ends on the top of the header bow or the "sides" of the bow. I don't know that yours is at all like this though.

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