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Well, the 302 just blew in my '70 mustang while the 351w was in the machine shop, so this build was meant to be.

I have a 1969 351w (9.480 deck height) and had a heck of a time finding a kit that would work, and I think I managed to find one:

12360-PS-F408W - Ford 408W Reverse Dome -22.0cc Pro Street Engine Kit
(Site for the kit for those interested)

Spec's for bottom end-
Reverse dome piston: -22
Piston compression height: 1.280
Rod length: 6.200
Stroke: 4.000

Ran the math and figured this would be my best bet for the bottom end, came to 9.480 (Unless I got the math wrong, correct me if I did!) Want to make sure the pistons wont be sticking out of the block forcing me to run a thicker headgasket (would like to keep from having to run a 70mm or more gasket if its sticking out more than 0.020).

Last thing; this kit says with a 58 combustion chamber head, compression would be 10.36:1, and with a 72cc head, compression would be low 9s (assuming 9.1:1 or around there). Plan on running up to a 250 shot of nitrous, would the higher compression be better? Thank's, any info is appreciated, waiting till I can put the motor in the 'stang!
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