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\'69 FMX build

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What kind of build can I do for an FMX out of a '69 Cougar? It's a Cast Iron Body, an aluminum Bell Housing and Tail Shaft housing...

Is is easiy enough to build it to hold 500+ Flywheel HP?

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better watch out with those fmx trans, i knew a guy who had one with a high hp motor and ruin his motor with that trans, forget what happened but it let go and doing so ruin his motor, im not saying that yours would but be carefull, i changed over to a JPT c-4 full roller trans on my 69mach1 and never look back, lighter much lighter then the fmx and more performance parts and converters to boot, that trans is sitting on my garage floor and its a heavy mother to move around, c-4 i can pick right up.
I understand that. They arent all rollerish and whatnot but they've been around for ages and I've heard of racers useing them for years and ignoring the extra fifty pounds of weight... There has to be someone who believes in them out here.... I have one I want to build and sell... A man's gotta make some money somehow... LOL

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might be ok, i had one also but didnt have 500 hp, not much aftermarket stuff for them, maybe one or 2 companys make shift kits for them.
Now i read somewhere here that someone wanted a FMX for a t-bird i think .. ya might look board over see if you can find the post.
You can rebuild the FMX's they will take abuse.
This is off a 351 Cleveland and would need a special Bell to fit a t-bird, they came almost exclusively with FE series engines... Until 68.


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No probs with the FMX. They will hold 500HP when properly built. This question comes up weekly on the Ford Transmission Forum and all the old builders always say: No prob.

Are you interested in doing it yourself or having it done?
I'm thinking to do it myself... I'm a genuine Mechanic but not a tranny man, but I shouldn't be daunted, I mean the only reason I am a mechanic is because it's sooooo damn easy, and I've been doing it since back when George Washington had Real Teeth........ How hard can it be to follow directions on rebuilding a tranny....?

isnt the tailshaft iron too ? you got ripped off again dude.......
It's aluminum...
I alway's get the shaft when I go see friends for stuff...
I just KNEW I should have never agreed to give $11.22 for the worthless hunk of aluminum, steel and iron!!!
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11.25 and you know it F.E. !!!
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