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got laid off and am forced to part with my baby. it is a 69 with an auto 390 in it i drove it atleast 3 days a week body is solid one rust hole in trunk lid rear size of a nickle other than that pretty good its in primer now. it needs front seat bottom redone back seat and nack of front seat are in great shape. dash has a few cracks but nothing 2 bad. lights all work bumpers are in pretty good shape. surface spots on them only. comes off with mothers polish. does have a brake line leak just after the master but is very slow i can go 3 to 5 weeks before needing any fluid. has new spark plugs and air filter also just had an oil and trans fluid change done. does need exhaust manifold gaskets put on i have already purchased them i also have a set of torq thrust 17/7 rims and tires for it. asking $4000 but like I said I just lost my job and am willing to deal. might even trade for something smaller with less gas guzzeling attritubuits. you can reach me @ [email protected] or here but i dont get on here much.

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