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GPS Automotive is excited to announce the release of our line of Power Brake Boosters and Power Brake Booster Kits for the 1971-1973 Ford Mustang. The power brake boosters that we offer are a direct fit to the factory firewalls from 1971 to 1973. These power boosters are designed to fit like the factory power boosters with modern internals for improved reliability over the factory design. The new power boosters & power brake kits are available for the 1971-73 Ford Mustangs. Item PB0012 is a 9” Power booster designed with the factory firewall mounting design for easy fitment. Item FC0018HK is a complete kit with a 9” Power booster with a 1” bore Ford Style master cylinder.​

Check out the images and the links below for more details!

Product Links:
PB0012 $229.95 ""

FC0018HK $299.95

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