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Hey guys

back in August I bought a 72 mustang off of ebay for 1500

I decided to do a complete rebuild of the engine.

302 Engine will be bored .030 over
edelbrock 4b manifold
Holley 650 4b carb
new Speed-Pro Hypereutectic Pistons
new 80gph fuel pump 5.7-8PSI
new camshaft Duration 272/272, Lift .484/.484
full length headers

I opted to do all of the above first and if I want to later go back and do the heads. I spent over 1k on all of these parts and block work. I can come back later and drop another 1k on heads when I get the money.

My question to you all:

By changing the piston size and going to a flat top vs the stock dish pistons what do you think my effective compression ratio would be changed to, I believe stock is 8.5:1 for the 72?

My goal is not to tear up the street/strip I just want a very nice sounding V8 with enough power to be fun, my ultimate goal is to be somewhere around 300HP.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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