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I got this 75 Maverick to use as a parts car for my 70 Maverick.

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Coupé Sedan

What I have for sale from the 75 4 door Maverick:
Body with clear title not wrecked, not much rust for a 40 year old Florida car, drivers floorboard cut out for a patch $ 300
· Front and rear bumpers $50 each
· front and rear bumper valence panels $20 each
· All Glass in tact (front windshield is foggy on bottom and driver side edges) front-$25, rear-$35, 4 door glass $20 each, (you remove after paying)
· Drive shaft for automatic 6 cylinder 4 door car - $40
· 4 doors $50 each, complete, or $25 each with no door skin or glass
· 2 front fenders $75 each
· Emissions equipment- EGR, hoses, tubes, sensors,etc... $10 for all of it
· Carter YF 1 BBL Carburetor for emissions equipped vehicles with electric choke $40
· Exhaust manifold for emissions equipped vehicles $40
· Interior door skins $20 each
· Window regulators $15 each
· Front and rear bench seats $ 25 each

I will be selling the following parts from my 1970 2 door Maverick 200 automatic:
Vehicle Auto part Rust Car

· 8” 4 lug complete rear axle with 2.7X gears and drum brakes $200
· 4-13” 4 lug steel wheels (tires hold air, not roadworthy) $50
· Dash board with heater controls (no A/C vents, no glove box) $50
· Manual steering gearbox and complete linkage $50
· Front drum brakes and 4 lug spindles and hubs $50
· Front coil and rear leaf springs $25/pair
· Full Moon hubcaps $50

I am keeping the following parts from this 75.....these are not available:
· Complete 250 motor (carb and exhaust manifold are for sale)
· Complete A/C system
· Dashboard
· Complete power steering system
· Complete power brake system and special shock tower brace
· Complete rear axle, brakes,
· Front windshield trim
· Driver’s door rear view mirror
· Front coil and rear leaf springs
· Radiator support
· Windshield washer system
· Hood latch assembly
· Hood

I have not started dismantling the donor car yet.
If you are interested in the chassis, You can pay for it and I will give you the title and then I will speed up the project.
If you are interested in a particular piece, I will get that for you first.

The dismantling process will start October 9, I hope to be done with the 75 by Halloween.

After I get the parts I want, the car will go to scrap metal yard if not sold in 10 days. I will post a reply to this thread as things progress.

Cars / parts will be located in East Central Florida 30 miles East of Orlando, 50 miles south of Daytona 1 mile from I-95
Local pick up only, I don't want to ship anything.
Prices negotiable, will give discount for package deals.
Will sell all remaining parts together for $450
I'm guessing it's worth around $300 to $350 in scrap with no motor or transmission and they will haul it away for me.

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I need to get rid of my 1975 Maverick 4 door parts car, I have everything I wanted from it and the neighbors started to notice.

The car is located in East Central Florida near I-95 and S.R.50

I removed: A/C system, dash, 5 lug spindles & rear end, power steering system, power disc brakes, springs, front window trim.

We reinstalled enough parts to roll it around the yard. (springs, steering, 8" 4-lug rear end, etc.)
no brakes are hooked up. drivers side fender is back on.

I have the passenger fender, front bumper and stone deflector for sale separately on Craigslist, but will give it all to you together if you buy the whole car.

I am selling the whole car with a running 250/C4 for $350 (already removed motor and trans to sell separately)

I am asking $300 for complete 116K mile motor and trans together

car without motor and trans $100
All 4 doors work, hinges good.
has 8 inch 4 lug rear in good condition,
has complete manual steering gearbox and linkage in good shape
cracked front windshield and dash removed, all other glass good.
lots of good aluminum, chrome, stainless trim pieces included
I have keys and a signed title.
IF I don't sell it this weekend I will take it to a local scrap yard Monday.
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