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79 Fairmont Futura Crown Coupe 302 rust free car near mint interior has stainless moulding going over the roof line (rare)I havnt seen another one 302 auto needs enginge work.Very nice car.Located in port alberni British Columbia Canada have pics on request

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Well it's funny that Ford Muscle sent me an e-mail saying I got a PM from LAZYCAT, and when I checked my inbox there was nothing from lazycat, but I DID have a message from Hazes 4Door 64, so I assumed that you had changed your name since it was your first day on FM and all.

Maybe wires got crossed, cause he's in Vergina, and you're in Canadia, and he's got a 64 Moredoor and you look to have a less door Fastback...

See why I'm confused?
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He's on the other side of the world from us. So who's selling the Fairmont? You? You're only about 229 miles from me with a ferry ride across to Vict from Port Angeles.
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