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Stock Ford, 8", 2.79 ratio, out of a 1979 Granada. Bought this used to convert to a V-8, 5 lug in a 1966 mustang. When I first bought it, one axle turned and one was froze up.
With the rearend assembled out of the car, turning the yoke- the axles dont turn. I disassembled and on the bench, out of the case-I turn one axle and the opposite side does turn the opposite way(I believe this is correct). but turning the yoke the axles still dont turn. Would some one have an idea what might be wrong. Thanks

The carrier is out of the housing-the ring turns when the pinion is turned.

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Only thing I can think of is that either the ring gear or pinion gear have a problem...or more likely, splines on the pinion or yoke are shot. Dad's gone through a couple yokes...they can get loose and when they do, the splines are pretty much history.

Either way, I'd sure take the axles out, pull the pig and take a look-see.
broken diff gear pin? When spinning the yoke, does the pinion turn?
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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