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new here so hello people;i hope you can help me!i have a 82 ford capri and want to put in a 400cid.what i need is a site or answer for putting it in/k-frame,trans,drive shaft ect.also what car could i use for the parts dont want pay new price's.(i know im cheap)here is the engine i will be copying: Ford 400 FMX block, bored .030", 4-bolt mains
Stock rods
Stock crank
Arias forged pistons
351C 4V heads, ported, 2.19/1.76 SS valves, 11:1 CR
Comp Pro Magnum 1.73 intake/1.8 exhaust roller rockers
Hall Pantera manifold
PME intake spacers
Weber 48 IDA's, 45mm chokes, Inglese needle/seats/circuits
Comp 32-771-8 Magnum roller cam
GTS Equal-length 2" headers
Most of that stuff is cheap to get until you get to the induction. You could use spacers and bolt on a 351C intake manifold with an 850 CFM holley carb and I am pretty sure your numbers will be close to the ones posted below.
RPM Horsepower Torque
2000 158 415
2500 212 445
3000 274 480
3500 352 527
4000 431 566
4500 500 583
5000 543 571
5500 567 541
6000 577 505
6500 567 458
would like to drop the CR to around 10.5to1 by using 2v heads so i can use pump gas.THANKS FOR THE HELP AND LOOK FORWARD TO MORE TOPICS.

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That sounds interesting. You'll have to change the K-frame from either a 4 cylinder or V-8 car. You'll need to make engine mounts, maybe a tranny mount for the FMX, ect...

It would be way easier to just go with something else. Any small block, 351C, 429-460. A C4 would be a better tranny choice, and cheaper to build as well.

I like 400s and am building one right now for my truck, but it's a truck. Like anything else, it's doable, but...
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