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830 Holley Part # 0-9381 rebuilt.
Quick Fuel parts:
Nylon idle feed screw gaskets
No stick bowl and main body gaskets
New throttle plate gasket
3.0 4 window power valves
Anti kick back valves added
New 30cc acellerator pumps
Nylon bowl screw gaskets

No choke provision
double pumper
33 front 28 rear discharge nozzles
Anuler style boosters
80 jets front and rear (79s stock)
Center hung float bowls
Power vales front and rear
4 corner idle

This was used at one time on one of my boats so a tube was added so mechanical fuel pump could be connected incase diaphram in the pump blew.
If you want to use it on a boat J bowl tubes are available (extra cost)
Standard overflow tubes for land use no charge.
Thtottle linkage modified so primarys open further before secondarys cut in.
Other minor mods to improve fuel flow signal from boosters

250.00 + the ride


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