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I don't normally post here but thought I'd post about a truck here at Edwards AFB Calif. that's for sale. It's really nice and I thought it was actually newer than it was because of it's condition even though the camper said older.

It's a fuel injected 300 6 cylinder 4x4. Engine rebuilt 2 yrs ago, new injectors recently. Gets about 18 mpg. Not a bit of rust I could find anywhere except surface stuff on the rear bumper. The camper has the top that raises to make a full camper and is fully contained and has a heater also. The camper is in great condition and clean. It looks to sleep 4 and it has an awning on the side.
The owner added extra padding in the truck seat also to make it more comfortable. It sounds great and starts right up cold.

I took a few pics if anyone is interested at all. He has $5000 on the sign but told me he was willing to deal on the price. The rear tires are also new. Just remembered him telling me that. Just wanted to get this out if anyone was interested. I have no interest in it only because we are about to move and we already have a truck.

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