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9 inch rear-how much is extra?

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I learn alot about these things just from hearing the talk; 9" rearend with large bearing ends, daytona pinion, and 31 spline axles. What I need to know is just how much of this is really good to have and what is just extra? In my case a lot of extra time/money. My application will be in an FE powered 65 galaxie that will be brought to approx 450 HP and raced occasionally for fun, otherwise street driven. It has the stock 65 9" with the dimples in the back (not the usual hump), small bearing ends, and I'm sure 28 spline axles. I read that the 67 and up housings are stronger. Again, how much concern do I need to put to these details? I've already read the tech article on this forum, but need more info. I have retreived a C7AE 9" with the large bearing ends that I'm thinking of rebuilding, but it will need some work and fabrication to get it compatable with my 65 Gal. Just want to know if its worth the extra effort.

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based on what I have learned from others, the Daytona bearing support is not needed unless it comes with the center section already. The 31 spline axles are a good idea at your power level. Of coarse that requires a different carrier. I don't know what kind of case you have but even the stock cases should hold 450 horse.

As far as the small bearing ends go, that's up to you. Aftermarket axles are made in 31 spline and accept stock small bearing, Moser makes them this way. In addition your brakes are already setup for the small bearing ends.

I don't know about the housing but I have never seen any one bust a housing. I have seen the spring perches crack at the welds.
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